Our work is as diverse as we are.

whether your business is in MEDIA, ENTERTAINMENT, CANNABIS, RETAIL, LIFESTYLE OR CPG, we have a solution for you.


We've developed compelling digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies as well as up and coming startups. Understanding that each business has their own unique needs is core to our success. 

Our experience lies in negotiating international multi-million dollar media distribution and content deals, securing OTT partnerships, bringing new products to the US market, strategic media and brand partnerships, and OVP/CDN management.

We'll become your partner and thought leader to make sure you're always in the know on changing platform algorithms, new companies breaking through the industry and adapting to the changing trends in content consumption.

Success Metrics:

  • Scaled international startup to secure a $15M global distribution deal with leading US media company and new product development deal with sports franchise to bridge the gap between on-air content and digital consumption

  • Led fundraising efforts for Los Angeles based seed-startup

  • Implemented initial revenue and monetization strategies for women's lifestyle app, securing partnerships with leading female-targeted brands

  • Brought to market OTT digital streaming service in the US


Whether you are a large corporation, non-profit, boutique local business, fashion or lifestyle brand, beauty conglomerate, or cannabis company, we can help grow your marketing efforts. 

Through careful content curation and development that combines paid marketing efforts on the biggest digital platforms with curated brand partnerships, and molds directly into your social plans, we can help grow your dedicated user base. We combine email marketing, social content, paid marketing, search, partnerships, and event marketing to offer a full 360 marketing plan.

Success Metrics

  • 30% CTR on branded content campaigns

  • 500% social audience/follower growth YoY

  • 167% sponsorship revenue increase YoY for branded content

  • 215% email list growth through targeted email campaigns

  • Managed $3M budget for entertainment studio across integrated marketing, social activations, PR & video


Our team of social media experts know the landscape and the players. We can make your content work for you, and make sure you are performing across platforms. We'll work with you on your content strategy to expand your reach to become an influencer in your space. Whether you're looking to develop your social strategy or just want to understand the landscape and trends, we're here for you. 

Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest.... if it's a social platform, we got you covered. Let us help you add followers, create compelling, consistent content, build your networks and even post for you!

Success Metrics:

  • Grew creative agency social audience by 500%

  • Implemented and managed daily content execution for dozens of non-profit Instagram accounts with 10k+ followers

  • Increased e-commerce conversions by 10x for online retailer

  • National Non-Profit YouTube Channel Management: Redesigned channel with new channel trainer, art, playlists, CTAs; Made channel interactive with linkable end cards, annotations, featured videos, watermarks: SEO Optimization

    • +232% Subscriber Increase MoM

    • +163% Views

    • +199% Minutes Watched

    • +352% Likes

    • +212% Shares